VBAC is an option for all women who present for prenatal care with a history of previous caesarean birth. There may be reasons why a repeat caesarean section may be advised, but in the majority of cases successful vaginal birth can be achieved safely for both mother and baby.

The success rate of VBAC ranges from 55-85% for those attempting normal birth. Predictors for successful VBAC include:

  • Previous vaginal delivery (85-90% success rate)
  • Spontaneous labour
  • If your cervix is > 4 cm when first presenting in labour
  • Previous caeser for baby being in the wrong position of because of distress
  •  > 18 months from previous caeser
  • If you have a BMI <30
  • If your baby is expected to be < 4000g

The likelihood of a successful VBAC also depends on the indication of the previous caeser. For example:

  • for breech/fetal distress: 76% success rate
  • if you didnt fully dilate: 50%-60% success rate
  •  if you had a previous instrumental delivery that was unsuccessful: 14% success rate

I encourage women to consider a VBAC. Ultimately after your consult with me, you will have all the information to make the best decision regarding the birth your baby.


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